Macrovision: “DRM Increases Value”

Joining in on the DRM related open letter bandwagon that has positively boomed, now Fred Amoroso, CEO and President of Macrovision, a firm famous for thier video anti-copying protection, have said in an open letter to Steve Jobs of Apple that DRM actually increases value for the consumer as it lets them have access to content that might otherwise be withheld and they argue that DRM-free content would increase costs and limit choices. He also said that DRM should not be abandoned and his company would be willing to take over development responsibility of Apple’s FairPlay DRM system.

I would personally argue that any mechanism that limits a user’s access to material that they legally own does infact add value to illegal DRM-free sources and only proliforates the continued breach of copyright.

Apple Looking for Game Developers - iPod/iPhone games?

Apple is reportedly looking to expand its game development staff as students from the Savannah College of Art and Design said today that they received an e-mail from a recruiter looking for game developers for Apple. Those hired would create ”high quality 3D and 2D art for games,” the message said.

Unfortunately, the message was vague so the platform these games are being developed for is unknown. We are guessing that these games are for the iPhone or a future version of the iPod.

Sony UK Attempt To Justify UK PS3 Price

Sony Computer Entertainment’s UK managing director, Ray Maguire has been saying why the UK is the most expensive place in the world to buy a PS3, despite a strong pound which should make imports cheaper. As for making the 20GB model available, Sony are telling british consumers that they don’t want it, or maybe they are reluctant to sell it as they make an even heavier loss on that model than they do on the 60GB one.

Perhaps more significant than any of this is the fact that they can get away with a ludicrously high purchase price in Europe, Britain in partcular, more easilly than they can in other territories and as the console is sold at a considerable loss they will be looking at any areas or markets where they can reduce thier initial losses on the hardware that they sell, particulary as thier competitors either make a profit on hardware (Nintendo) or break even (Microsoft). These losses result in more expensive games as Sony increase licencing costs along with the complexity of developing for the platform driving up development costs that have to be recouped through sales, a problem heightened by a lack of interpretability between the PS3 and other platforms, so porting games to another platform to increase availability of titles isnt straight forward.